At Your Side Counselling provides counselling for relationship issues - couples, individuals and families, in Livingston West Lothian & Lanarkshire.

Iam a specially trained relationship counsellor with a qualification at Masters degree level and have extensive experience of relationship counselling.

People can come to counselling for a variety of reasons, at different stages in their relationship and with a varied set of issues. The desired outcome is to resolve differences in order to preserve or improve a central or perhaps the central relationship in their lives.
The therapist is not there to force their own views onto the couple or family, or to give an opinion of what they should do. The therapist role is to help them, together and on their own, to do what is best for them.
In some cases, it may have been decided that it is best for a couple to part. The role of the therapist in this situation is to support the couple in looking at the issues which may or could arise and perform a mediation role to allow constructive discussions to take place.
The role of the therapist is to help to look at the issues in the relationships of the couple or the family unit, how it affects them as individuals, and how they can best change or resolve those issues. This is not always possible but everyone can sometimes learn to accept their differences and move on. The role of the therapist is to be a non-judgemental facilitator, allowing everyone to reach an amicable understanding of both surface and underlying issues.

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